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Seniors Helping Seniors

Our in-home care services brighten the lives of seniors who can benefit from a helping hand and a friendly smile. Our caregivers, who are seniors themselves, make your life easier by providing compassionate care in the comfort of your home.

Our in-home care services empower seniors to continue to live independent lives by taking care of day-to-day tasks that become more challenging as you age. As your health and personal requirements change, we’re here to assist in the ways you find most helpful.

Dawn and Bob Neely

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We appreciate the time you have taken to learn more about Seniors Helping Seniors. We are a family owned business working out of the Lake Orion, MI area and opened our doors to our senior community over 13 years ago. We have provided over 225,000 hours of service. Our care providers are the backbone of our company and are always the most valued part of our business. Please read through the information below to help get a clearer picture of who we are and the people we employ and if you have any questions along the way, please don't hesitate to call us at 248-969-4000. We'd love to hear from you. If what you read resonates with you, you can apply below or call us. Thank you!

A Few Words from Our Care Providers

Four questions were posed to a few of our care providers who volunteered to provide their testimonial in the "Why Join Seniors Helping Seniors?" video. Their answers are heart-warming and hopefully provide you an insight into the work environment provided here.


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COVID-19 Precautions

Seniors Helping Seniors takes a very common-sensical approach to the Covid-19 pandemic while following CDC guidelines and observing Universal Precautions. We do not provide services for Covid-positive patients. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is available to all our Care Providers.

Benefits of Joining Our Team

Competivie Pay

Positive Work Environment

Team Atmosphere Promoted

Making a Difference in the Lives of Seniors

Advancement Opportunties

Bonus Opportunities

Robust Rewards Program

Flexible Hours

Experience Not Required

Training Provided


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What our Care Providers say

They supply training to help us know how to deal with the clients we have right now. It is great. They have given open houses, they say thank you and they never pressure you to accept any jobs. -- Becky D.
You couldn't ask for people that are easier to work for and with. They help you immediately if you need anything.They will help you answer any question to help any client. They are always very positive to us. If you need a correction they do it very gentle manner. -- Anita H.
I have recommended them. They are caring and understanding. They are very understanding and they will help anytime of the day. -- Terri P.
They accommodate well with scheduling issues. For example, I had surgery recently and they changed my schedule to help me with that. I have limited hours and times I work so I am greatly appreciated any place I work. -- Bonnie E.
I am retired and I like that they are flexible with our schedules. It is so unlike the hospital where you had to beg for a day off or a sick day. Here they are very flexible and understanding. They are always available and they call you back right away, if you need them. -- Barbara H.
They were a really nice, Christian place. I had heard about them and felt they were a really good place to work. It is an absolutely wonderful place to work. Both the client and I get so much out of it. They communicate very fast with all the information. If I ever have anything I need to talk about, they are always willing to talk with me. -- Angel M.
They are good people to work for and are really fair. They were very thorough with the training and have brought us in for other training as well. They appreciate everything everyone who works there does. If they need someone and we step up to the plate, they are very appreciative. -- Kam M.
Not only do they care about the clients, but they take just as good care of us. They gave us the best training possible, we got videos, personal training in the office, and everyone is only a phone call away. I can't even begin to talk about how cooperative they are. They are understanding. It is amazing. I love these people. -- Diane E.

What our Clients say

Seniors Helping Seniors has given us very high quality caregivers. I could not say more. I appreciate their sensitivity to our needs and to our unique situation. -- Irma H.
We would never have been able to fulfill her wish to stay in her own home until the end, without the help of all of you. With gratitude. -- Barb R.
They have done a great job for me. I wouldn't be here today without the caregivers helping me. -- Jim O.
They're punctual. They will come in with me to my appointments to listen for me in case I don't hear something. -- Alice B.
I like that they have someone who she is compatible with and can be engaged with. -- Jennifer B.
The person that they have sent us is a very willing, helpful person. She goes above and beyond. -- Kathy W.
I like that my caregiver is very prompt and recognizes what I need to have done and does it without me saying anything. -- Barbara M.
They are very reliable and they send quality people. They provide excellent care. It has greatly improved the quality of my life. My caregiver has good communication and I learn from her. We just have a good relationship. -- Steven D.


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What to Expect After You Apply

  • Initial phone interview (if not already completed)
  • Schedule in-person or virtual interview
  • Complete Paperwork and Background Check
  • Orientation and Initial Training
  • Receive assignment
What inspired us to open Seniors Helping Seniors?
Why did you choose to be a caregiver?
What interested you in joining SHS?
How do you feel supported by the staff at SHS?
What separates SHS from other organizations you've worked for?